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Slow Fashion dedicated to Sustainable, Ethical, Organic and Recycled Fashion

With the emphasis on reducing our environmental footprint in recent years, there have been many exciting changes both consciously and culturally. Globally we are moving away from habitual consumerism and making a move to be aware of environmental impact in our everyday lives.

I’m so excited to see that the movement of purchasing sustainable, ethical, organic and recycled clothing is gathering momentum and the future of fashion is heading to a much better place. We are all realising that the fast disposable fashion no longer serves us or our planet.

Western consumers are becoming more aware that those who make our fashion do not share the same rights or protection workers in the West do. It is thought that there are approximately 40 million garment workers and some of the lowest paid, about 85% of them are women. The exploitation of this cheap labour and the abuse of their human rights is too big to ignore.

There are approximately a staggering 80 billion new pieces of clothing made every year and 400% more than we consumed just a mere 2 decades ago. What we once held onto, we now dispose of at a much faster rate due to its cost and abundance. I find this terrifying as do many others and the movement to slow fashion could not, in my opinion come fast enough.

As the Fashion Revolutionaries say, thinking globally is integral for change. It’s imperative we start thinking globally to bring back balance to inequality and prevent further environmental destruction to poorer non-western (foreign) countries on this planet. We have got to start valuing all people and the whole planet.

Welcome to the Slow Fashion Revolution ( dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. We have to start buying better if we are all to survive. So, when you go to the shops next think about who made your clothes, what impact it had on the people and the environment to make them, will you wear it them over and over again and look for brands who are dedicated to slow fashion. Look to Australian and international brands such as Nudie Jeans, Patagonia, Filipa K, Reformation, The Ark Clothing Co, Vege Threads, Pt.Nemo and Well Made Clothes just to name a few to do your part and shop sustainably.

Sources for further reading:

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